FAQs: Are there rules, or metrics that I can adjust when I want to make either my PGNs, or non-PGN campaigns (also known as existing campaign) to run more aggressively?

If you choose to run your PGNs aggressively, you would need to increase your target Max ACoS, which in turn increases your bid targets.

But increasing your Target Max ACoS also increases your CPC.

  • As your CPC expands, your ad spend also increases. Hence, as your CPC steadily increases, your budget bleeds, which is  not a good thing.  
  • Increasing your Target Max.ACoS will help increase your bid ranges so the higher Target Max.ACoS the more aggressive your campaign will be.

If the goal is purely to promote a product, you can set your ACoS goal to 100%. It means you’re not expecting sales for that particular ad campaign run.

Doing so also increases your ad spend budget, allowing Amazon to show your ads to more potential buyers.

Also, running an aggressive campaign can be costly as this will increase your CPC causing the campaigns to reach your target budget. For that reason, we still recommend users be actively involved in running the campaign.


ASK JEROLD---> HOW CAN I SIMPLIFY THIS SENTENCE COZ ITS KINDA TOO GENERAL. haha ung sentence na yan ay akin kaya flawed. Need to make it more specific and procedural.

That is why we always remind clients to actively be involved while running an aggressive ad campaign.

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