FAQs: How do I optimize my current campaigns?

Follow this checklist to prime your existing campaigns for optimization

Customer Scenario: My campaigns which are running for my product launch don’t show the results that I want. I would really like to have an automated PPC instead of guessing daily what to do.

ZonTools Reply: Yes, ZonTools optimizes your existing or current campaigns.

Existing or current campaigns are what we label as Non-PGN campaigns. These are campaigns that were created in Amazon Seller Central and not within ZonTools. As such they do not adhere to the ad campaign structure, which we call Product Group Network (PGN).

Before these non-PGN campaigns are optimized, we need to first automate them in our system. They need to be prepped for automation or restructured so that our automation engines can work with them. This prep work entails for you to undertake several steps. Below is the checklist.

Checklist for transitioning your current/existing campaigns to PGN structure:

Step 1.
Automate these non-PGN campaigns.

Follow these steps in Creating an automated Campaign (without PGN)

Step 2

Transition your non-PGN campaigns.
See the step-by-step process in Do you recommend to start fresh with PGNs and leave behind my existing campaigns?

Optimize your PGNs

LALAINE WHAT ARE the steps or entry criteria that campaigns are ready for optimization.
ASK JEROLD/LALAINE --> which articles cover the components of optimization? ung immediate and sequential from our Help Center Collections 02 Automation and Optimization para easy for client to follow


While we highly recommend automating your non-PGN campaigns, our system also allows for you to Pause (suspend all bidding) and Archive (equivalent to deleting) your campaigns.

We repeat, we do not recommend archiving your non-PGN campaigns if you have plans to still continue selling your products.

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