Glossary part 1

Change Rate (%)

Your ZonTools Rule that determines how fast our engines change your bids.

Click-through-rate (CTR)

The total number of clicks your ad gets divided by the total number of impressions.
A good example for understanding CTR is if you get 1 click on your ad per 100 impressions, then you'll have a 1% CTR.

Anything around 0.5% and above can be considered as a good CTR rate. CTR rates below 0.3% are very bad and require a lot of attention

Max. Keyword Spends ($)

The maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend on a Keyword or Target.

Min. Bid & Max Bid ($)

The maximum and minimum bid of a particular keyword or target.

Min. Action Clicks

Your ZonTools Rule that refers to the minimum amount of clicks for our engines to determine that your ad is generating interest.

Relevancy Sales

The minimum amount of sales for our engines to determine that your ad is converting well.

Target Max. ACoS (%)

Your ZonTools Rule that refers to your maximum ACoS that you are willing to reach. Zon.Tools strives to ensure that it does not cross this value.

Rule Template page

In this Rule Template page, you can create your rules, save them, and apply them during your PGN creation and Automate Campaigns.

Search Term Report

Search Term Report shows the latest search term report of all your campaigns. It is divided into two: Keywords and Targets.


Negatives are separated into 3 categories:

  • Keywords Campaigns
  • Keywords Ad Group
  • Target Ad Group

For each sub menu you will be able to view negatives added to your Keyword for Campaign and Ad Group level. As well as the Negative Target of your Ad Group.

Advertised Products page

Advertised Products page shows you your products that has been advertised through ZonTools along with total ad sales, total ad spend, total clicks, total impressions, Avg CPC, Avg ACoS, Avg Conversion Rate.

History Logs

This page will show all the history logs and every action that happens to your product, campaign, ad group, keyword, and all of the automation such as insert, delete, update.

For example in keyword automation log you are able to see the pgn your campaign belongs to, the ad group and keywords, the bids before and at the end of automation.


This ‘+’ button on the Menu allows users to add additional Amazon Seller marketplaces or Merch By Amazon marketplaces.

Bulk Action button

Quickly edit multiple campaigns

Automate Campaign button

Automate campaigns

Sync Campaign button

Fetch the latest data from the Amazon Advertising Console

Campaign Detail page

Click the campaign name to view the details of your campaign.

Action button - to make changes on a particular campaign:

  1. Add SKUs = Add new products to be advertised to the campaign.
  2. Add Keyword/Target = Add new keywords or targets to the campaign.
  3. Add Negative Keyword / Target = Add new negative keyword or targets to the campaign.
  4. Edit Campaign = Edit campaign details such as status, bid and much more.
  5. Archive = Archive the campaign. Once archived you can not undo this action.
  • Add New PGN - to create a PGN, while on the PGN tab.
  • Logout button - found under your Profile dropdown. This will log you out from the system.

My Account menu

In My Account you can see and manage your Account Settings, and Billing & Subscription as well as contacting the Support Team for any help or inquiries regarding ZonTools.

Under the Account Settings submenu, you manage your profile information and payment method, and change your password.

  • To manage profile information: Add photo, payment method, billing address
  • To change your password: You need to to know your current password and enter it.
  • To add payment method: You can add more than one payment method and edit your credit card information.

New Password

Your password needs to be a minimum of 8 characters. For a new password, enter characters that contain at least:

  • one uppercase
  • one lowercase letter
  • one number
  • one symbol

Payment method

To manage your payment details: Change payment method or add new ones.

The table shows your address and card information: card type, year of expiry, and status.

Under the Billing & Subscription menu, you manage Amazon marketplaces, Subscription, and payment orders.

  • On Amazon Marketplaces, you get to view all your marketplaces in one page and know details: marketplace status, main user, ad spend per brand name. You can choose a marketplace and open its Amazon dashboard.
  • On Subscription, you can add multiple marketplaces, upgrade or cancel your subscription, edit billing address or payment method, add users to your ZonTools account, and view your billing history.
  • On Payment Orders, you can view your billing history. [ASKL/E/S manage?]

Campaigns page

Your Campaign page is your default page on your Amazon dashboard. This page shows you all your PPC campaigns. Here you will see an overview graph of all ads (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display).

Clicking this filter icon, you are able to filter the graph by date range.