How do I change the end date of my PGN campaign?

The default for a campaign's end-date is set indefinitely. Know how to specify your campaign's end-date.

By design, when a PGN campaign is created the system does not assign any end-date. When to end your ad campaign is for you as an Amazon seller you have full control (either extend, shorten or end) at any point, at any time, and even while it's running.

No End Date

Only you would know when it is best to end your campaign. Below are some reminders on your options:  

  • Keeping No End Date or without any end date
    If you intend that your campaigns are always enabled. You want to ensure your ads are always active, they don't miss impressions or clicks.
  • Assigning a definite end date
    This is commonly used when the product is seasonal, like Christmas trees, Halloween costumes, etc. Having a specific duration, when a campaign starts and ends, is very useful when you can anticipate when your product experiences a significant spike in its demand.  

To define/specify your campaign's end date:

From login, please follow the breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller > Ads > Sponsored Product

The steps below are also applicable to Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.

  1. Click these three dots beside the campaign.  
  1. A dropdown list appears.
  1. Scroll-down and right-click Edit.
  2. The filter boxes appear.
  3. Go to End Date.
    A calendar appears. Click your preferred date.
  4. Click Save.

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