How do I compute my monthly billing?

When you want to compute for your ZonTools billing, there are a few things to consider so that there are no misunderstandings.

You can easily compute your billing by generating an estimate of your monthly bill.  This is how Amazon seller Jessica who has 2 registered Marketplaces estimated hers:  

2 Marketplaces

Marketplace A (DE)
Marketplace B (US)

30-day Ad Spend

$1000 in Marketplace A

$2000 in Marketplace B

Subscription plan

Dominator = $25
If ad spend = $0, then payment is $25.

Your subscription payment increases according to the amount of your Ad Spend. $25  is just the minimum base payment.  

Total Ad Spend

$1000 + $2000 = $3000

Go to for payment estimate

Enter 3000 under the Dominator plan.


Jessica needs to pay $149.

Note:   The system uses USD as the currency for billing.      

To generate an estimated monthly bill:

  1. Go to our Pricing page at
  1. To your right, go to the Simulate Zon Tools Pricing box.
  2. Check which is your subscription plan from the three subscription plans (Analyzer, Masterer, Dominator). Across plans, you can see that the default values are the initial amounts when your ad spend is at $0. These default prices are the starting prices and will increase when you rake up your ad spend per marketplace.
  3. The values on these plans are adjusted according to your current ad spend over the last 30-day period (across marketplaces, if you have more than 1 marketplace):
  1. On the  Simulate Zon Tools Pricing box, enter your ad spend over the last 30-days for a single marketplace.  If you have more than one marketplace, refer to the example discussed above for a seller named Jessica.
  2. The value that is shown on your plan is only an estimated amount you need to pay.  Another factor for consideration is our spend tiers which are dynamic. The system will automatically move you to the next tier if you exceed your initial subscription tier.

Below is another example:
Your ad spend is $1500, and your bill is $99 if you have a Dominator plan.

Another example: Your ad spend is $1000, and your bill is $49 if you have a Dominator plan.    



Recap on computing your current bill:

Let's start with the right assumptions. Your bill is not a constant number that is applied across marketplaces, month in and month out. For the service we offer you,  we compute your bill based on two factors:

  1. Last 30-day period
  2. Ad spend per marketplace per ad type

Checklist for computing your monthly bill.

  • Correct timeframe - Your current bill is based on your last 30-day ad spend. Check what is your 30-day period for this specific marketplace. You can take a hint from your previous invoice regarding the 30-day timeframe.
  • Take note of your Ad Spend across Marketplaces and ad types - To get your consolidated ad spend of all marketplaces, add your ad spend per marketplace, and enter the sum in the Pricing box.  

    Your total ad spend would also comprise of your ad spend from your Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads.  As your ad spend fluctuates, your monthly ZonTools bill would also fluctuate.
  • This goes for both ZonTools v1.0 and v2.0 users.

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