How to launch Threshold Builder (Zt ver1.0)

Threshold Builder helps you calculate what your campaign thresholds or Rules are.

After the system identifies which campaigns are not yet automated, your next step is to set up critical limits for each campaign. At the onset you need to establish what we call Rules so that your bid thresholds or targets  are implemented efficiently, resulting in a  pain-free bidding on Amazon.  

To help you determine what these Rules are, and encode them properly, you need to launch Threshold Builder. It is a built-in calculator designed to help you find the most efficient campaign thresholds or Rules.  

How does Threshold Builder work?

To help you calculate your campaign rules, Zon Tools provides you with a calculator, the Threshold Builder,  guiding you to know what are the optimal values. So, for each rule, we have suggested calculations done on Threshold Builder.

With your inputs and data from your latest Campaign Advertising Report (on Amazon Seller) the Threshold Builder helps establish the specific Rules that would direct you to better profits.  The default time frame is the last 60 days. This is the default duration the system will run your algorithm or review product data.

Reminder: Threshold Builder neither analyzes nor automates your campaigns.

It is the Auto-Mate engine that optimizes your campaigns.

To launch and use Threshold Builder:

  1. On your Campaigns dashboard, click the teal-colored gears icon, to access your Rules window.
    The icon sits just below your campaign name ( in our example. Garlic Press).
  1. The Rules window pops up for campaign Garlic Press.
  1. Click Open Threshold Builder.
    This launches the Threshold Builder wizard.

On your Rules window (popup) you have the option to directly fill in your thresholds or Rules, without using Threshold Builder, but it is highly recommended that you use the suggested calculations of the Threshold Builder to avoid conflicting or misaligned Rules.

Pro Tip: Drag Threshold Builder to one side of your screen so that

you can easily see your product information on your Campaigns