Howto Create a new PGN (Zt v1.0)

Automate your ad campaigns by creating PGNs. Read through this step-by-step howto.

To create a new PGN:

  1. On Zon Tools Menu, click Add New.
    Alternatively, you can click another Add New found on the top bar  of your
  2. current dashboard. The What would you like to add? modal appears.
  3. Under Product Group, click Add New.
    From the top bar the Add Product Group tab turns gray.
  4. Under Product Group Settings, enter the name of your PGN on Product Group Name.
  5. Click Launch Interactive Threshold Builder to be guided on the right values for the bid metrics.
  6. See Launching Threshold Builder
  7. If in case you are confident and know all the values for the Rules of your new PGN, you can skip step #4 and start adding their values.  However, we recommend that you use Threshold Builder to ensure you're working with the right values.  
  8.  Note: As a default, all prices are in US dollars.
  9. Enter your Avg Product Price.
  10. Enter your Avg Product Rating. (whole numbers w/o decimals)
  11. Enter Max KW Spend.
  12. Enter Target Max ACoS in percentage.
  13. Enter Default Bid.
  14. Enter your Daily PGN Budget.
  15. Click Save New Product Group.

The new PGN you created resulted in the creation of four campaigns.

Down the road, you can tweak the initial values you have entered in the creation of your new PGN.  Related blog posts on editing your PGN:

If you're new to the platform, please refer to the following blog posts that discuss the concept of PGNs as a strategy for managing your ads.