I have many impressions but still few clicks. What can I do to fix this?

So let's say the seller has desirable amount of impressions now, but the clicks aren't coming, aren't coming as, as well as impressions are. So there are a lot of impressions, but the number of clicks is still low.

What that means for a seller.

What, what can be done in order to increase the number of clicks as well? If you have some impressions, but no click at all, we call it, click through rate. People are seeing your ad, but they're not clicking.

The good side is that you are not spending money at all. The bad side is that when you don't get any click, you don't get any sales at all. So you are back to beginning.

So to increase that you need to increase the product relevancy to the right buyer.

You need to use the right keyword and right product combination. If your, if your keywords are not relevant to your product, people will see your ad when they, when they search for it, but they will not click on that.

Also, you can use the same SKU metric, the same SKU metric

is showing in the system. When the people click the product, are they buying the same product that you advertise for?

For example, you know, you may, you may have different type of ads and you put them in a group of SKU and advertise for all of them. Amazon is rotating them, but you see that you have some 10 sales, but same SKU sales are only two.

So you need to watch out the SKU you are advertising for the key for the keywords. And so it should be nearly the same. The perfect one is the same SKUs are same as same, our normal sales, because that means that people are buying the product that they're clicking on it. So you need to improve relevancy and the keyword and product combination.

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