Manage your Rules using Rules Templates

Know how you can edit each of your Rules Templates.

Aside from tweaking the values of your rules on your rules template using the Rule Template function, you also directly edit them from the Campaign or PGN levels

To manage/edit your rules on your existing rules templates:

From login, please follow the breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  > Sponsored Product

  • Aside from Sponsored Product, this action is applicable to all the other ads types: Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display.
  • For this example,  we choose Sponsored Product.
  • The Sponsored Product dashboard shows you a choice to either use the Campaign or the PGN level.
  • For this example, we choose the Campaign level.

Step 1
Choose your Campaign or PGN

  1. On the Campaign table, choose the campaign you want changed, and click the three-dot button of the Action column. The Action dropdown menu appears.
  2. Note:
  3. To exit, click the three-dot button under the Action column.
  4. From the 6 items on the list, choose Manage Rule[s] [Templates] found at the bottom of the list.  

The Manage Rule[s] [Templates] modal appears.


Stop Automation tickbox - While you are on the Manage Rule[s] [Templates] modal, you have the option to cease all the automation processes for all the Rule Templates of this specific Campaign or PGN

Step 2
Edit your existing rules template  

  1. Choose the specific rules template you want managed and click Create Rule.
    The Create Rule[s] Template modal appears on top of the Manage Rule[s] [Templates] modal.
  1. From hereon, the steps are the same in the Duplicate your Rules (create a Rules Template) using Rule Template.
  2. This means that from this point you can change the values of your 7 rules on your specific rules template:  
  3. Target Max ACoS (%)
  4. Relevancy Sales
  5. Min. Action Clicks
  6. Max. Keyword Spends ($)
  7. Change Rate (%)
  8. Max. Bid ($)
  9. Min. Bid ($)
  10. On the Create Rule[s] Template modal, to save the rules template, click Submit.
  11. A popup appears confirming that you have successfully created your rules template.
  1. Your rules template  is now ready to be applied to your specific campaigns/PGNs when you are implementing:
  2. Creating a PGN
  3. Automating Campaigns

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