Managing your Amazon Marketplaces (add marketplace, subusers) via ZonTools

You can change and update your Marketplaces information without signing in Amazon.

ZonTools users can now directly make changes on their Amazon Marketplaces through the ZonTools platform. If you are logged in ZonTools you can go and tweak your Amazon Marketplaces, without exiting the system or signing in on Amazon.


Video Link: Manage Amazon Marketplace

From login, please follow the breadcrumbs to reach your Amazon Marketplaces page:

ZonTools (menu) > My Account > Billing & Subscription > Amazon Marketplaces

  • Region
  • Amazon account
  • Status of each marketplace
  • Access to the PPC dashboard
    (click Open Dashboard)
  • AdSpend per month per marketplace ($)
  • Amazon username

To manage your Amazon Marketplaces via ZonTools:

  • On your Amazon Marketplaces page, you will find all the marketplaces you've  added or linked with ZonTools.
  • From this page, you can make changes on your marketplaces directly.

Option 1
Access and review all your Amazon marketplaces in one spot

The Amazon Marketplaces table shows your important metrics so you can assess the performances of all your subscribed marketplaces:

  1. Region - location of the marketplace
  2. Amazon account - kind of Amazon acct, acct name, linked email address
  3. Status (of the marketplace) - Active/Inactive
  4. PPC Dashboard - you can open the dashboard of each marketplace from here
  5. AdSpend ($) - cumulative adspend of the current month
  6. User Name - name of Amazon account holder either as Main User or subuser

Option 2
Gain more information on selected Marketplaces

  • To drill down more marketplaces information:
    On the far right of the table, on the last column, hover your mouse on the 3-dotted menu, and click View.
  • You are directed to the Billing & Subscription page where all marketplaces information are centralized.


Option 3
Execute changes to your Marketplaces

You can execute changes on your Amazon marketplaces without having to exit from

ZonTools or sign in on Amazon.

Changes you can make include:

  1. Adding additional marketplaces
    Click Add Marketplace. See Adding multiple Marketplaces
  2. Review invoices per marketplace.
    Click Marketplace dropdown arrow. Choose Gen user or Sub user.
  3. Add Subusers
  4. Click Subuser.