Managing your ZonTools subscriptions

You can change your payment method, your password, add Marketplaces and do other edits on your ZonTools subscription.

After creating your account, you can login and start managing your ZonTools subscription to customize the settings on your account according to your needs.

Video Link: Manage Subscriptions

4 Ways to manage your ZonTools subscription:

  1. Edit your profile information
  2. Review your account information
  3. Edit your marketplace/subscription details
  4. Edit your payment method

After login, please follow the breadcrumbs:

Menu > My Account > Account Settings

For users with multiple Amazon accounts (Amazon Seller and Amazon Merchant) choose first the account  you wish to configure.

  1. On the header bar on the top right corner, click the dropdown Please Select Account.
  2. From your list of Amazon stores/accounts, choose the specific store you wish to work on.  

Option 1
Edit your profile

  1. From Account Settings, choose Billing & Subscription
  2. Enter your data on your Subscriptions page.

Option 2
Review your account information

On Subscriptions, you can see a table listing all your Amazon accounts and corresponding ZonTools subscriptions, status and email addresses linked to these accounts.

  1. Amazon Seller acct
  2. Amazon Merch acct


To avoid login issues, when creating your multiple Amazon accounts make sure the email addresses are not the same. For each account use a specific email address.  

The table also shows you, under the column Detail, these information:

  1. Total Ad Spend
  2. # of Marketplaces
  3. Monthly Ad Spend
  4. ZonTools Subscription plan

Option 3
Edit your Marketplace or Subscription details

  1. On the Click the three-dot menu and choose Details.
  2. Choose a specific Amazon Seller account, then choose any of these commands:
  • Add Marketplace
  • Upgrade or Downgrade

On the right side, a summary of  details about your subscription is shown in the Billing address section:

  • Account holder
  • Phone, email and address
  • Subscription plan
  • Total AdSpend
  • Payment method


Option 4
Edit your Payment Method

  • If you want changes made on your subscription: Click Payment Method.
  • Scroll down the Subscriptions page, you will find three buttons which you can use to further customize related payment details.
  1. Order tab - default
  2. Marketplace
  3. Click Marketplace - To view your subscriptions either General user or Sub user.
  4. Manage Subscription
  5. Click Manage Subscription.
  6. Invoice
  7. Click Invoice. -  To request an invoice sent via email.