My PAT (non-PGN) campaigns didn't result in sales even though I increased the bids for keywords. Do I stop my PAT campaigns?

Customer scenario:

Before my subscription with ZonTools, my campaigns had an increased bid for keywords, especially my PAT campaigns. I spent a lot of money, but there were no sales.

Customer Dilemma/ Decision areas:

  1. I'm considering stopping PAT ads altogether.
  2. What can be done to remedy this?

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ASK Lalaine

Analysis and Implications:

If you wish to stop your PAT campaign although it is your decision, but your PAT Campaigns also help with getting more traffic and visibility

Suggested Customer options:

  1. Stop PAT ads now - ???
  2. Continue PAT ads but periodically - ????
  3. What else can be done????
  4. Book a call with the Customer Success Team so that an in-depth investigation on your particular campaigns is done and a way forward can be formulated. Click here to

Because of increased bid for keywords I am thinking to move to another PPC automation software, maybe version 2.0 will help me with this problem. Especially PAT campaigns started to spend a lot of money and there are no sales. I'm even considering stopping PAT ads altogether.