Navigation (part 2 of 3): A tour of ZonTools ver2.0

More on navigating ZonTools v2

On your Header Bar which is a permanent feature across pages and dashboards, you can find 5 important UI elements which are all shortcuts. You are offered convenience so that you get to your tasks done with the least number of clicks or  intervention.

a. Amazon store name (with drop-down arrow)

b. + icon or Add New PGN button

c. Box icon or Automation Log Panel button

d. Bulb icon or Learn Guide button

e. ZonTools profile name (with drop-down arrow)

Let's explore each UI:


a. Amazon Store name
   2 Shortcuts :    Adding multiple Amazon accounts
                            Adding multiple Marketplaces

  1. Click the dropdown arrow of your Amazon Seller account name.
    Our dummy account shows US - All Prime LLC as our Amazon Seller account name.
  2. A two-column panel appears below it. On the left is a list of all your Amazon accounts, and on the right is a list of all your Marketplaces. Click the arrow to undo or hide the dropdown menu.
  1. Link your ZonTools account to other Marketplaces and Amazon accounts other than your current ones.
  2. Click Add Account - if you want to add another Amazon account.
  3. Click Add Marketplace - if you want to add another Marketplace.

b. '+' icon (or Add New PGN button)

    4 Shortcuts : Create new PGN in Sponsored Product
                           Create new PGN in Sponsored Brand Product  
                           Create new PGN in Sponsored Brand video
                           Create new PGN in Sponsored Display

This button is a very helpful shortcut as you can immediately create a PGN without having to to go to a dashboard or submenu. In one click you are brought to the PGN creation modal.


  1. Hover your mouse on the plus icon, and the dropdown list Add New PGN appears.
  1. Choose where you want to add your new PGN from 4 ad types:
  2. Sponsored Product
  3. Sponsored Brand Video
  4. Sponsored Brand Prod. Collection
  5. Sponsored Display
  6. For this example, we choose Sponsored Product.
  7. Click Sponsored Product and the Add New PGN SP modal appears.
  1. For the next steps, they are found in Creating a PGN for Sponsored Products

c. box icon (Automation Log panel)

Your Automation Log Panel is a list of notifications of the performance of the automation engines. In a nutshell, you get to see the changes they have made in the last 60 days.  This does not lead you to any new dashboards or pages as each notification is just a notification. Nothing clickable here.

Please see Viewing Automation Log panel

d. bulb icon (Learn Guide)

Learn Guide is your built-in step-by-step navigation guide on the top 13 most commonly used pathways in ZonTools.  

13 key pathways that you can get familiar with:

  1. Subscription
  2. Payment Order
  3. Subscription Management
  4. Account Overview - Dashboard
  5. Ads - Sponsored Product
  6. Ads - Sponsored Brand
  7. Ads - Sponsored Display
  8. Search Term Report - Keyword
  9. Search Term Report - Target
  10. Campaign Detail Page
  11. Negative  - Keyword Campaign
  12. Negative Ad Group
  13. Negative - Target Ad Group

e. Your ZonTools profile name

    2 Shortcuts: Manage your profile information
                         Exit ZonTools

Click the dropdown arrow on your profile name. A list appears showing you  2 options:

  1. Profile - Click Profile. You are brought to your Profile page in your Account Settings dashboard where you can (a) add your photo, and (b) view your Payment Method and Billing Address.
  2. Sign out - Click Sign out to exit from ZonTools.