Register on ZonTools with same email for Amazon Seller + MBA accounts

If you are using the same email for your Amazon Seller and Merchant by Amazon accounts, you need to register with us this way.

Your scenario:  

  1. You have both Amazon Seller and Amazon Merch accounts
  2. For both these Amazon accounts, you are using the same email address

With this scenario, when you register with ZonTools you are creating a Secondary user under a Manager account.

Make sure that the email used for the secondary user has its own Amazon account, even if it is just a Buyer account.

To register with ZonTools as an Amazon Seller + MBA
(with same email)

Step 1
Login and go to your Campaigns dashboard

  1. Login at
  2. On the left pane, choose the country where you want to advertise, and click Advertise on Amazon.
    This brings you to your Campaigns dashboard.

Step 2
Choose the Manager account

  • To open your MBA Manager Account:
  • Go to the top bar on the right, and click the drop-down arrow on your Merch by Amazon name and country.
  • From the list of manager accounts, choose the specific manager account you want your ZonTools account to be linked with.
    (See Amazon Merchants: Add an MBA Manager account)

Step 3
Add a Secondary user or sub-user

  • On the lower left, click the box icon, and click Manager Account Access.
  • Enter the required profile information for the secondary user: Name, Email and
  • Leave the manager account rule as Admin.

You’ll receive an email asking you to connect to your ZonTools account.

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