Retrieve and Review campaign performance using Campaign Info

From your PGN dashboard you can drill down to your campaign stats.

  • From login, follow the breadcrumbs to reach PGN level/dashboard:
  • Amazon Seller > Ads > Sponsored Product > Product Group Network
  • After clicking Product Group Network, you are taken to your PGN dashboard. This is where you locate all your PGNs in a table. The table shows each specific PGN with their campaigns sorted according to campaign types.
Campaign types: Exact, Phrase, Broad, Auto/EAT, PAT
  • Click image to enlarge.
  • The 5 campaigns that are created whenever a PGN is created are represented as buttons with letters identifying the campaign type.
  • E = Exact
  • P = Phrase
  • B = Broad
  • A = Automatic/Enhanced Automatic Targeting (EAT)
  • T = Product Attribute Targeting (PAT)
  • From each of the 5 campaigns that comprise a PGN you will be brought to their respective Campaign Info page.
  • When you click the E button, you are brought to your Exact campaign's dashboard. This dashboard gives you access to Campaign Info.
  • The Campaign Info feature allows you to view, monitor and implement changes on key campaign indicators.
  • For Exact (E), Phrase (P) and Broad (B) campaigns you can access 5 campaign Info pages.
  1. Metrics
  2. Customer Search Terms
  3. Products
  4. Ad Groups
  5. Keywords
  • Automatic/EAT campaigns have these 5 Campaign Info:
  1. Metrics
  2. Customer Search Terms
  3. Products
  4. Ad Groups
  5. Targets
  • PAT campaigns have these 6 Campaign Info:
  1. Metrics
  2. Customer Search Terms
  3. Products
  4. Ad Groups
  5. Targets
  6. Negative Target

Take notice that the tabs are almost identical to the E, P, B campaigns but since both EAT and PAT campaigns run based on targets Instead of keywords, you have Targets and Negative Target tabs instead.

Campaign Info (pages)

At the top section of Campaign Info, you can easily check which campaign type you are accessing. From the example below, at a glance you know that this campaign is Active and Enabled as well as its running period.

Campaign Info

1 - The campaign type is added (in this example, Exact) to the campaign name to
help users be reminded which campaign is being shown.

2 - The first column shows your designated campaign name.

7 kinds of Campaign Info

  1. Metrics                               (found in E, P, B, A, T)
  2. Customer Search Terms  (found in E, P, B, A, T)
  3. Products                            (found in E, P, B, A, T)
  4. Ad Groups                         (found in E, P, B, A, T)
  5. Keywords                          (found in E, P, B)
  6. Targets                              (found in A, T)
  7. Negative Target               (found in T)

Metrics is the default Campaign Info and that is why it is shown as a purple button. When you select a tab, it turns purple to indicate which type of Campaign Info you are on.

Metrics tab on Campaign Info page

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