Signing up for a ZonTools subscription plan

Signing up for a ZonTools subscription is done in four steps.

Signing up for a ZonTools subscription is now done completely within the system.

Signing up means (1) you need to register,  (2) choose a subscription plan, (3) link your Amazon account to ZonTools and (4) confirm that all your data are correct.

Video Link: (Amazon Seller) Subscribe to a plan

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The video uses an Amazon Seller account but this is also applicable to Amazon Merchants.  

To subscribe in ZonTools:

Step 1
Register with ZonTools

ZonTools registration is a 4-step process where you create a ZonTools account. Registration is the first step to having a subscription and covers creating a ZonTools account.

The registration process depends on the type of Amazon account you have. There are (step-by-step) 2 articles on creating a ZonTools account.  

Upon completing your ZonTools registration, you are brought to the Welcome page.


To avoid login issues with ZonTools when you have multiple Amazon accounts, ensure that the email addresses you use across your Amazon accounts are not the same. For each Amazon account, you need to use a specific email address.

Step 2
Choose your ZonTools subscription

  1. On Pricing, choose which ZonTools subscription plan that is best for your needs:
  2. Subscription plan Analyzer
  3. Subscription plan Dominator
  4. Subscription plan Masterer
  5. Click Add to Cart.
  6. Click the region of  your Amazon Seller Central account.  

Your choices include:


You can still make changes on your subscription later, see Help Center article: Managing your ZonTools subscription

Step 3
Allow ZonTools to access and link your Amazon account

After choosing your subscription, you then link your ZonTools account with your Amazon account. This step allows the system to access your Amazon account to pull your campaign data, and create and optimize campaigns on your behalf.

  1. Click Allow Amazon Advertising to enable ZonTools access to your Amazon ad campaigns in Amazon Seller Central.  
  2. You are then directed to Amazon's login.
  3. Sign in with your Amazon credentials (email/phone number, password), and then click Sign-In.
  4. Comply with Amazon's two-step verification.
  5. You are brought back to ZonTools. But this time, ZonTools welcomes you back using your profile name.
  6. Click Next.  
    You are then brought to Select Marketplace.

Step 4
Add Marketplace/s

After linking your ZonTools account to your Amazon account, now is the time to add Marketplaces.

On Select Marketplace, choose the Amazon Marketplace you want to assign for this particular ZonTools account.  You are billed separately per Marketplace.

Step 5
Verify all your account details in Summary

You have completed your registration and subscription data entry, so now you are redirected to the Summary table.  

All the information you provided earlier is shown for you to review, and confirm if correct. If not, you can make the necessary corrections from this page.  

  1. Review all the data shown.
  2. If all the information is accurate,  click the checkbox.
  3. OR: If there are details that need to be changed/updated, click Manage Payment/Set up Another Payment.
  4. Click Check out.

Congratulations!  You have completed the sign up process.

You are brought to the Subscription section of your My Accounts page/dashboard. On Subscription, all your subscription details are shown.  From here, you can now start using ZonTools.

What is the Next Step?

  1. For new ZonTools users: We recommend that you book a call with the Support Team so we can help you configure your campaign settings to prepare them towards automation as we use our unique structure and design on campaigns.
  2. For ZonTools ver1.0 users: You don't need to re-register nor re-subscribe. You can skip the subscription process and proceed directly to create your new PGNs in this new version of the system. We recommend to send a request to the Support Team to have your current PGNs migrated to ZonTools ver2.0. And do book a call for the confirmation of the full migration.    



Once payment is a success it will now direct you to your account where you can open your Zon Tools Dashboard.

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