Sponsored Brands: Top reasons why Amazon rejects your video ads

Avoid these to ensure Amazon approves your Sponsored Brands video ad.

After you upload your video ad in ZonTools, Amazon has a 72-hour window to approve your video and ensure its requirements are met. During this first 72 hours, your video ad will have a Pending Review status on ZonTools.

     Note: You can only add one video ad per product at a time.

4 reasons why Amazon rejects Sponsored Brands video ads.

  • Black or empty frames at the start or end of videos.
    Don’t waste your chance to engage shoppers by using black or empty frames.
  • Video is abruptly cropped at the maximum video duration.
    Abrupt edits can result in an incomplete video and a poor customer experience.
  • Video includes Amazon branding elements.
    Amazon trademarks, products or references to Amazon products or services are prohibited.
  • Video includes customer reviews.
    Customer reviews (including star ratings), even if these reviews are on Amazon, are not permitted.

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