TIPS&TRICKS: 4 Strategies for PGN Optimization

Optimize your PGN every two weeks with these 4 strategies

Every two weeks you can optimize your PGN  to make it more effective. These 4 tried and tested strategies speed up the machine learning and makes your PGN more powerful:

  1. Strategy 1  :   Adding Relevant Keywords to your PGN
  2. Strategy 2 :   Adding Negative Phrase to your PGN
  3. Strategy 3 :   Running Repair PGN
  4. Strategy 4 :   Increasing Max Bid

Strategy 1
Adding relevant keywords to your PGN

The Keyword Miner (KWM) mines for keywords based on the Relevancy Trigger setting, which by default is 2. This means that KWM will mine a Customer Search Term (CST) not only if it fits within your thresholds/rules, but also only after it generates the 2nd sale.

But this 2nd sale may not occur that quickly, or may happen but over a very long period of time.  To hasten this, we have 3  ways to support the KWM.  

A keyword with all three characteristics:

  1. has generated 1 sale
  2. falls within your PGN rules/thresholds
  3. is clearly relevant to your product

To find highly relevant keywords

These three methods help you look for highly relevant keywords and are all applicable to all ad types: Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display.

Note :

  • Why 14 days?
    You need to have a period filter of at least 14 days as Amazon's algorithm show that by the end of the 14 days, you have concrete information on whether a keyword is good or not. It takes at least 14 days to get the data you need in order to optimize your campaign effectively.
  • Amazon Delay?
    There's always about a 48 hour or up to a 40 hour delay.

Method 1

  1. On your Ads dashboard, click the Product Group Network tab.
  2. A table of all your PGN appears.  Among the PGNs, choose which one you want to work on and generate PGN’s CST report.
  3. Finding the Relevant Keywords
  4. Click Advanced Search.
  5. Filter the CST report according to three characteristics of a relevant keyword.
  6. Only gather those CST with all 3 characteristics:
  7. With just 1 sale
  8. Within your PGN thresholds
  9. Closely relevant to your product
  10. All the relevant keywords appears.
  11. Decide how many keywords you will add to your PGN.
  12. Click Bulk Action and click Add to PGN.
  13. Add these CST as keywords to your PGN.


Product Group Network > CST report  > Advanced Search > Bulk Select Customer Search Term > Bulk Action > Add to PGN

1.2.6 – Advanced Search

2.3.7 – Bulk add existing Terms to a PGN

Method 2

If your campaign budgets are deep and then there is room for more keywords.

If you started with the advised 5 to 10 words when you were creating your PGN, then you can opt to add more keywords.

  1. Click Advanced Search.
  2. Click Bulk Select and choose CST/keywords that are
  3. relevant keyword
  4. and copy any Keyword and CST that has been performing within your thresholds in the past to your PGN.
  5. Click Bulk Action,
  6. Click Add to PGN.

  7. 1.2.6 – Advanced Search
    2.3.7 – Bulk add existing Terms to a PGN

Method 3
Generating new keywords based on Keyword Effectiveness Score

For the complete steps on how to use the Ask ZonTools app, see Keyword research: Using Ask ZonTools

Task 2
Adding Negative Phrase to your PGN

  1. Generate and check your PGN’s CST report,
  2. Filter for CST with excessive ad spend and/or bad ACoS,
  3. From these sets of CST identify single words which are not relevant to your items.
  4. For example:
  5. You are selling “bowling balls” and find not relevant, single words terms
    like “tennis”, “ping-pong”, “football”.  
  6. Add these not-relevant CST as Negative Phrase to your PGN.


Product Group Network > CST report > Advanced Search > Bulk Select CST > Bulk Action > Negate to PGN

1.2.6 – Advanced Search
2.3.8 – Bulk add existing Negative Keywords to a PGN

PPC automations are nice and cool,
but nothing beats your brain.

Task 3
Running Repair PGN

Amazon's algorithm's show that in the PAT campaign, the suggested Brands and suggested ASINs change multiple times a day. Given that two ad groups yield moving targets and may impact the PGN in different

Hence, it’s good to periodically run Repair PGN to cover new additions even if the PAT campaign does not need repairing (by toggling on No Defense, No Auto, No Category).  The breadcrumbs below is a snapshot of the steps but for a complete discussion and steps is here: Repair PGN.


Product Group Network > Repair PGN  

Task 4
Increasing Max Bid

  1. Check all keywords/targets that
  2. have sales and
  3. have a bid equal to your Max. Bid setting.
  4. If your ACoS is good, you might want to increase your Max. Bid (keyword or PGN level) to allow for more impression, clicks and sales.

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