Using Advanced Settings when creating your new PGN

Why use Advanced Settings? What's the benefit?

What are the circumstances or a user profile who needs to use Advanced Settings?

Test Scenario:

lalo na sa mga malalaking accounts. I'll give you this example scenario I wrote on Jira:

Keyword Metrics page (advanced search)

My product is a white silicon spatula
I have several campaigns advertising the white silicon spatula and I have named the campaigns differently but I made sure it has the word “spatula” in their campaign names.

When I go to the Keyword Metrics page, I see all the Keywords I’m targeting across all campaigns. I would like to see all the keywords I’m targeting in the campaigns I’ve created with campaign names that include “spatula”

This scenario can only be done if there’s a name search for campaigns at the Keyword Metrics level.

Ad group name search is also very useful if I add or do not add (include/does not include) other criteria for search. I hope you can also implement this at the Target Metrics level.

From login, follow breadcrumbs to reach PGN Creation's Advanced Settings modal:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Products  >  Product Group Network  
> Add New PGN SP  

5 Required information for Advanced Settings:

  1. Min Action Clicks (#)
  2. Change Rate (%)
  3. Relevancy Sales
  4. Min Bid
  5. Max Bid

Minimum Action Clicks

This is the minimum amount of clicks for automation engines to determine that your ad is generating interest.  This is the number of clicks after which the engines begin automating.

  • If Min Action Clicks is 10  –  Use this value If you are unsure.
  • If data field is empty or Min Action Clicks is 0 –   This disables the minimum action clicks and your automation is controlled by Maximum Keyword Spend.

Change Rate (%)

Change rate is the daily maximum bid change percentage limit Bid Gambler and Auto-Mate will use. Change Rate does not affect the bid amount, it just specifies how fast the optimal bid is reached from the current bid.

Change Rate impacts:

  • Auto-Mate moves toward the optimal bid with daily increments or decrements of 1% to 100% per day.
  • Bid Gambler increases the bid periodically up to 100% more of the current bid, each time until the first click.  
  1. You can still adjust to increase or decrease the speed of bid change until it reaches the calculated optimal bid.  
  2. You can individually assign the change rate at PGN, Campaign, and Ad group level rule configuration or even down to keyword or target level custom rules.
  • Change Rate is 1%  –   the slowest bid change rate
  • Change Rate is 100%  –   the fastest way to reach the new calculated bid
  • Change Rate is 20%  –  This is the Default value as it accommodates for data delay and sales attribution.
  • Change Rate is 0% –  This disables automation engines Auto-Mate and Bid Gambler.
  • source

Relevancy Sales

This is how many sales you’d like to have for a search term for it to be treated as a keyword. When you start having sales on a search term, Zon.Tools moves it to the Exact, Phrase, and Broad campaigns and then fish around for some additional keywords.

Minimum/Maximum Bids –

Enter what is your bidding range  

Exclude PAT Ad Groups

By default we create the 4 ad groups but we give you ther option in case you dont want to use the PAT ad groups. The containers of these ad groups are created but they will be left empty. if you toggle on any of these  

  1. Toggle No Defense – ad group is created but will not be filled with all your SKUs
  2. Toggle No ASIN – ad group is created but will not be filled with Amazon suggested competitors
  3. Toggle No Category – ad group is created but will not be filled with suggested categories (unit selling price and star rating)  
  4. Toggle No Brand – ad group is created but will not be filled

as idle or pause

for you to later fill in data

made mistakes you can use Repair PGN which allows you to add data into the pat's 4 ad groups  

Legacy Automations

Toggle Use Legacy

(Zt v1.0) To setup your PGN's Advanced Settings:

  1. Click Advanced Settings.
  2. Enter your
  3. Min Action Clicks.
  4. Relevancy Sales
  5. Min Bid.
  6. Max Bid.
  7. Change Rate.
  8. For more choices, you're allowed to tweak the settings further.
    But in case you are unsure, please leave the toggles as is.  
  9. Toggle oNo Defense.
  10. Toggle No ASIN
  11. Toggle No Category
  12. Toggle No Brand
  13. Toggle Use Legacy

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