Using ask.Zon.Tools for keyword research and reverse ASIN

ask.Zon.Tools is a simple and very straight forward research tool you can use for your Amazon business. With very minimal input, you generate valuable data you can use alongside ZonTools. You are not required to login or subscribe and can immediately get results within seconds.

ask.Zon.Tools provides data covering 15 Amazon marketplaces:

  1. North America        (US, CA, MX)
  2. Europe                     (UK, DE, FR, SP, IT, NL, SE)
  3. Japan
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Emirates                  (UAE)
  7. Saudi Arabia

Data 1
Mining relevant keywords from competitor's ASIN

ask.Zon.Tools uses all suggested keywords pulled from real search queries of Amazon shoppers. ask.Zon.Tools taps into Amazon's algorithm to report without any tampering a ranking of the most effective keywords for each ASIN. We only include Amazon data in real time as other sources like Google are not included.

To generate highly relevant keywords

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your Amazon marketplace and paste your competitor's ASIN on the data field.
  3. Click ASK.
  4. The lower portion of the page shows 4 tabs: Keywords, Competitors, Brands and Categories.
  5. Click Keywords.
    A list of 10 keywords with corresponding Keyword Effectiveness Score (KES) appears.
  1. Click Download.
  2. A popup appears asking you for name and email address so that the Amazon report is sent to you.  
  1. Check your Spam folder because most users found the attached report there.
  2. Click the download button. The file sent is in Excel format.
  3. If you placed several ASINs, there could be highly recurring or repeating relevant keywords. Focus on these and those keywords with high KES score.

Data 2
Top Competitors ASIN report

Amazon ranks the most effective keywords for each ASIN from 1 to 1000, with 1000 being the most effective. We generate this report for you, as it comes from Amazon, untampered. The tool will display all the relevant keywords used by your competitor for your product.  

Based on these 5 campaign criteria ask.Zon.Tools generates an Amazon report for you on ypur ASIN's top competitors:

  1. Main image
  2. Title
  3. Price
  4. Star Rating
  5. Review Count

Data 3
Top Competitors Brand and Categories report

Generate a list of your most relevant categories, the ones you should most likely list in, and the Top Brand names within each. Quickly check each Brand’s Amazon storefront with just a click.

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