Using Campaign Info: Adding SKU, Keyword, Negative Keyword/Target for Exact, Phrase and Broad campaigns

To go about assessing your campaign's performance as well as tweaking several indicators in your campaign/PGN, you can explore 2 options. You need to be at your Campaign Info of your  E,P, B campaign:    

  • From login, follow the breadcrumbs to reach PGN level:
  • Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product  >  Product Group Network

Adding SKUs, Keyword, Negative Keyword/Target

Click the 3-dots button.

Campaign Info change options using 3-dots button

From the top portion of the Campaign dashboard at the Campaign Info header bar, click the 3-dots button on the extreme right. This allows you to add elements like SKU, keyword or negative keyword/target to your Exact, Phrase, Broad campaigns

  • Add SKUs
  • Add Keyword
  • Add Negative Keyword/Target

Scenario #1:
Adding SKU

  1. From the dropdown list, choose Add SKUs.
  2. The Add SKUs modal appears.
  1. Choose your product/s and click Add.
  2. Click Submit.

Scenario #2:
Adding Keyword

  1. From the dropdown list, choose Add Keyword.
  2. The Add Keyword modal appears.

Enter your keyword/s and click Add.

Scenario #3:
Adding Negative Keyword  

  1. From the dropdown list, choose Add Negative Keyword/Target.
  2. The Add Negative Keyword/Target modal appears.

Enter your target/s, and click Add.

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