Using Campaign Info: Changing default bid and campaign status in EAT/PAT campaigns


Like your Exact, Phrase, and Broad campaigns, the EAT (also known as Auto/Enhanced Automatic Targeting) and PAT (also known as Product Attribute Targeting) campaigns can be accessed by using Campaign Info at PGN level.  

  • From login, follow the breadcrumbs to reach PGN level/dashboard:
  • Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product  >  Product Group Network

  • Automatic/EAT and PAT campaigns are accessed using the clickable icons, A and T.  When you click the letter buttons you are directed to the Campaign Info page of the specific T or A campaign.
  • The 5 Campaign Info pages in Auto/EAT and PAT campaigns are: Metrics, Customer Search Terms, Products, Ad Groups and Targets. These 5 Campaign Info pages are accessed by clicking their respective tabs.  
  • With the exception of Targets, Auto/EAT and PAT campaigns have the same campaign info features found in Exact, Phrase and Broad campaigns. As these 2 campaigns use targets and not keywords, their 5th Campaign Info is Targets (shown as the 5th tab) instead of keywords that are found in E, P, B campaigns.

Targets campaign info

On the Targets Campaign Info page you can change 2 campaign criteria:

  • Default  bid
  • Campaign status


Click the image to enlarge it.


  • You can find a detailed discussion on the rest  of the other Campaign info:
  • Metrics,
  • Customer Search Terms,
  • Products
  • Ad Groups
  • in this other article.
  • You can find more details of each Target, or which ad group it belongs in the Ad Groups campaign info.

To change default bid and campaign status on EAT/PAT campaigns

  1. On the last column of table, click the 3-dots Action button.
  2. A dropdown list opens to 2 options: (1) Edit (2) Archive
Edit | Archive on Keyword campaign info
  1. Click Edit.
    The Edit modal appears.
  1. Make your changes (edit bid or status or both, and click Save.

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