Using Recommended Bids by Amazon

You have the choice to use bids recommended by Amazon or not.

To improve the performance of your campaigns, you can either use these bids from Amazon or make your own calculations.

Video Link: Recommended Bid by Amazon

From login, please follow these breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller > Account Overview > Ads > Sponsored Display

The Sponsored Display page shows you a table with various metrics across your Campaigns. So that you can access different aspects of your Campaigns, you have the filter option to customize your search.

In this example, the Filter box is set to Status.

The table shows you:

  1. Name
  2. Campaign Type
  3. Budget
  4. PGN Budget
  5. Spend
  6. Order
  7. Sales
  8. ACoS
  9. RoAS

On the last column Action, you can further maneuver what changes you want done to your Campaigns.

To access Amazon Recommended Bids:

Step 1
Select a campaign

  • Scroll down to the Campaign Info section, and click a specific campaign you want to review and make changes.
  • This brings you to the Details Campaign page.

Step 2
Review your campaign metrics

On the Details Campaign page, you see several tabs.
The default tab is Metrics and you will see these significant metrics of your specific campaign:

  1. Budget
  2. Spend
  3. Clicks
  4. Impression
  5. CTR
  6. CPC
  7. Max. Spend
  8. Max. ACoS
  9. Sales (Sales 7, Sales 30, Sales sSKU30)
  10. Order (Order 7, Order 30, Order sSKU30)
  11. Profit
  12. CR (%)
  13. ACoS (%)
  14. RoAS
  • Review your Campaign metrics.

Step 3
Access the Amazon bid recommendation

  • Scroll down and click the Target tab.
    At this point you can make changes. Target has two useful shortcut action buttons:
  1. Bulk Action
  2. Sync Target

You will see the same campaign metrics (from table on Metrics), but now the table is laid out in such a way that it is easier for you to implement changes.

  1. Target
  2. Adgroup Name
  3. Bid
  4. Spend
  5. Order
  6. Sales
  7. RoAS
  8. Action
  • Go to the last column, click Action.
    You are shown two options Edit or Archived.
  • 1. Edit - Take the Edit option if you want to tweak a value on a specific metric.
  • 2. Archived -Take the Archived option if you want to

Option 1: Edit

  • Click Edit.
    The bid recommendation calculated by Amazon algorithms pops out.
  • Review the Amazon bid recommendation
  • If you are happy with the Amazon recommendation, click Save Edit.

Option 2: Archived

1. Click Archived.

To verify that your bid changes were implemented

  1. Follow this set of breadcrumbs:
  2. Amazon Seller > Ads > Sponsored Product


Guided Steps

Step 1. Select any campaign
Step 2. Go to keyword or target page
Step 3. Click 'Edit'
Step 4. Wait few seconds and bid recommended by Amazon will be displayed (You can decide whether you want to use recommended bid by Amazon or use y
our own)