Using Repair PGN for updating your PAT/EAT campaigns

Know when and how to use Repair PGN

The PGN feature is only available for Dominator subscribers.

The Repair PGN feature allows you to have better control of your EAT and PAT campaigns. With both campaigns using product targeting they are the most affected by changes on unit selling price and product reviews.

With Repair PGN, you can change:

  1. Product Sale Price
  2. Product Review Rating
  3. PAT/EAT campaign Daily Budget
  4. PAT/EAT campaign Default Bid



Repair PGN is labeled as PGN Repair Tool in v1.

Below are three scenarios when to use Repair PGN.

Scenario 1
Repair old PGNs and update them to PGN 2.0
(adding the PAT campaign and Ad Groups)

If you still have old PGNs those which were created prior to December 2018 (when Amazon added PAT), then you need to repair your PGN using the Repair PGN button. PGN 1.0 had only 4 campaigns: Exact Phrase Broad and Auto campaigns.  To accommodate PAT, PGN was updated and is now PGN 2.0  

Old PGN's are PGNs with the black T icon, which means you don't have yet a working PAT campaign. Hence the color black while the rest of the campaigns in that specific PGN are in green as they are all enabled.

  1. PAT's 4 ad groups: Defense, ASIN, Category and Brand, need to be created and added to the existing PGN without shocking the Amazon algorithm. The fix for this predicament is Repair PGN.
  2. When Repair PGN is run it automatically creates PAT's  4 Ad Groups. The repaired PGN will have the ad groups but they are left empty, without data. At a later time you can manually add data as you wish.  

Scenario 2

You can also use this feature on PGN 2.0

  1. Update your price/rating by segmenting your Brand and Category Ad Groups. Prior to using Repair PGN, you need to archive the "old" targets first.
  2. Update your PGNs which have previously excluded Ad Groups. You can archive a whole PAT Ad Group and the Repair PGN will perfectly restore the PAT campaign.
  3. If you experience a rating or prices change, simply archive the Brand and Category Ad Group and you can use the Repair PGN to make it again from scratch.
  4. Through testing it was observed that the Amazon suggested Brands and ASINs change multiple times a day. Hence, It is a good practice to run periodical PGN Repair actions to cover new additions even if the PAT campaign does not need repairing.

Scenario 3

You can use Repair PGN when you need to update your product prices, or average product rating to ensure these changes are in line with your entire PGN.

These are just several instances when you to use Repair PGN.

  • You have a huge catalogue with  2000 SKUs and don't want to add a Defense Ad Group as it does not make sense to have one Defense Ad Group across all SKUs.
  • You have an Amazon Seller account carrying more than one brand per product and want to target what is specific to each brand of the product for each PGN. You opt to do this rather than have targets based on across all products to the entire full catalogue.  
  • You have the option to fill data, per PAT Ad Group.  

To use the Repair PGN  

We are choosing Sponsored Products for this discussion but all the steps below are also applicable for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.


We suggest to archive the Ad Groups before running Repair PGN.

  • Archiving existing ad groups before creating new ad groups using the Repair PGN will ensure that your old targets are not mixed in with PAT's Ad Groups' new targets. The existing product targets in PAT Ad Groups are not relevant anymore.
  • If the product targets are still relevant and if you want to add product targets in the PAT ad groups, then is no need to archive.

After login, please follow the breadcrumbs to reach Repair PGN:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product  >  Product Group Network

Step 1
Choose your specific PGN

On the Product Group Network table, select the specific PGN which needs to be updated.  

Step 2
Launch Repair PGN  

  1. On Product Group Network, go to Action, which is the last column on the table.
  2. Click the 3-dots button (Action).
  3. A dropdown list appears.  
  1. Choose Repair PGN.
  2. The PAT & Auto Campaign Repair Tools modal appears.

Step 3
Enter the new values

Fill in the requested information:

  1. Average Product Sale Price
    If you’ve updated your selling price, enter your new product price.
  2. Average Product Review Rating
  3. If there is a changes in your  star rating, enter the new value.
  4. PAT Campaign - Daily Budget  
  5. See How to find the PAT campaign daily budget?
    Copy and paste your PAT campaign daily budget.
  6. The PAT campaign budget is but a fraction of your Daily Budget, which refers to your entire PGN.
  7. PAT Campaign Default Bid
    See How to find the PAT campaign default bid?
    Copy and paste your PAT campaign default bid.  

Step 4  
Deactivate or not additional PAT Ad Groups

Deactivate any or all PAT's ad groups. Toggle on to further apply changes:

  1. No Defense ?
  2. No ASIN ?
  3. No Auto ?
  4. No Category ?
  5. No Brand ?


  1. Toggle off means you want the system to update the targets on these Ad Groups. ZonTools fills them with data.
    Toggle off means it is the default, and the toggles are in grey.
  2. Toggle on means you want to manually add the data on the ad groups. The buckets or ad groups are created but are left empty.
  3. Toggle on means you changed the settings and now they are in blue.


When updating your Star Rating or product price, beforehand you need to archive the Brand and Category Ad Groups, use the Repair PGN to make it again from scratch.

Step 5
Save changes

Click Apply Repairs.

The Success popup appears.
You have successfully repaired your PGN, i.e. updated your PAT campaign.

To verify if the PGN is repaired or changes were adopted, go here.

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