Using Rules Templates in 2 ways

Use rules, which have performed well, in creating new PGN or automating existing campaigns.

Having your rules in a template format means your rules are contained, and as such these rules templates serve to make your rules more portable and become ready-for- use in other processes. Your rules template serves as an initial input to other processes that you can implement for your non-PGN campaigns (ie campaigns created in Amazon Seller Central) or PGNs.

In this video we show you how you can use your rules templates in 2 ways.

  1. Use your rules template in Creating a PGN
  2. Use your rules template in automating existing non-PGN campaign/s

2 ways to use your rules templates:

For this example, we choose Sponsored Product but aside from Sponsored Product, the rules templates feature is applicable to both Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display.

Use 1
Use your rules template in Creating a PGN

After login, follow the breadcrumbs to reach Add new PGN modal:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product >  Product Group Network > Add New PGN

Your Scenario:

  • You have a new product that needs to be advertised. You decide to create your all your ad campaigns in ZonTools (instead of Amazon Seller Central)  to gain the benefit of bundling them in a PGN, so that you can best automate their bidding and have a better chance of gaining more sales and profits.  
  • Previously, you had several successful campaigns/PGNS and have saved the rules in several rules templates. You decide to copy the rules of one of these rules templates and use them on this new product.  

Step 1.
Choose the product that needs a PGN

  • After clicking the Add New PGN button, choose the product that needs rules.
  • Click Add, and then click Next.
  • The Add New PGN SP modal appears. You are now at the the Product Group Settings (1st) node of the PGN creation process.

Step 2.
Launch Rules Template

  • Click Rule Template.
  • The PGN Threshold Builder (Rule Template) modal appears, which has a list your existing rules templates. Instead of filling up the data fields, we now choose to use an existing rules template.

Step 3.
Choose the specific rules template that you want to re-use

  • Click the arrow on the Select Rule data field.
  • A list of your existing rules templates is shown.
  • From the Select Rule list, choose and click the specific rules template you wish to re-use. Doing so, you are spared from entering all the 7 rules for this PGN. Instead you can access the specific rules template (which has the 7 rules) to be applied to the new PGN.
  • Click Apply.
  • You are brought to the Add New PGN SP modal with all the 7 rules now populated.
  • Click Next.

Follow the remaining steps in creating your PGN,  Creating your PGN: Sponsored Products.

Use 2
Use your rules template in automating non-PGN campaign/s

All campaigns are all automated instantly when they belong to a PGN as that is what PGN does, create 5 fully automated campaigns for you. For all campaigns that you create inside Amazon Seller Central, they are not automated.

If you want them to also have the benefit of being managed by ZonTool's automation engines even if they don't have the PGN structure, you need to apply rules to them. Rules are what govern the automation engines.

From login, follow the breadcrumbs to reach your non-PGN campaign:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product  >  Campaigns

Your Scenario:

  • You have a product with existing campaigns that were created in the Amazon Seller Central. You now decide to have these campaigns automated using ZonTools.
  • You have several rules templates either from other campaigns or PGNs which have performed well. You decide to use the rules in one of these rules templates to be adopted for this campaign which is not yet automated.

Step 1.
Choose the campaign/s you wish to automate

On your Sponsored Products dashboard, under the Campaign tab, you will see all your ongoing campaigns.

  1. Scroll down and tick off the checkbox of your chosen campaign/s on the left of the table.
  2. Click Automate Campaign.

The Automate Campaign modal appears.  

Just like the Add New PGN SP modal, the Automate Campaign handles all the rules or thresholds you want implemented in your specific campaign/s. The data fields are the exact replica as ones in the Add New PGN SP modal from the PGN Creation process.

Step 2.
Launch Rule[s] Templates

  1. Click Rule[s] Template.
  1. The Rule[s] Template modal pops up.  
  2. Click the arrow to bring out the list, and click the specific rules template you want applied to the campaign that needs automating.
  1. Click Automate Now.

You have completed applying the 7 rules from this specific rules template on the campaign which means you have automated this campaign.

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