Using Sync with Amazon

Users can manually sync changes made within ZonTools to their Amazon Seller Central data.

If you ever notice that there are data missing from your dashboard, you can manually sync your Amazon data by clicking Sync with Amazon.

At times, this is necessary to force the Amazon API to accept changes made on your  campaigns as delays are brought on by how many times the Amazon API initiates data data sharing, which is beyond ZonTools control.

The Sync with Amazon button is our way of working around this limitation as now you can force the system to sync with your Amazon data. The button synchronizes immediately your data in your Amazon account.

Three uses of Sync with Amazon

After a PGN is created, you can apply this command in three ways:

  • Adding keyword to campaigns
  • Adding target ASINs
  • Adding negatives

The Sync with Amazon feature is found in several pages or dashboards:

  1. On the Campaign page.
    After editing your keyword, and your data is not displaying, you can use this feature to allow data to be in sync with Amazon.

OLD Video Link: Sync API

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The video shows how to synchronize your changes on your previously created PGN.

But you can use Sync with Amazon directly on your campaigns, too.

To sync changes made on ZonTools to Amazon:

From login, follow the breadcrumbs to reach the Sync with Amazon page/window:

Amazon Seller  >  Account Overview  >  Ads  >  Sync with Amazon

Step 1

  1. Click the PGN tab, scroll down and go to the 3rd column, Campaign type.
  2. Click your chosen campaign.

Step 2

  • Click any of the letters on the Campaign type column.
  • This will bring you to the Campaign info page.

For our example, in the video we want changes made on the product All Prime Cat Tunnel  TI-EXACT

On the right corner, you find four tabs:

  • Metrics
  • Ad group
  • Keyword
  • Negative keyword

These are the items of your campaign that you can change.

Just below this row, you will find two button commands:

  • Bulk action
  • Sync keyword