Viewing and managing all your Campaigns

Users are able to view and manage all existing campaigns across Amazon accounts toward better optimization and automation.

Amazon Sellers and merchants can easily view and manage all campaigns from one dashboard/page.

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Option 1
Explore charts and manage Campaigns

Log in as an Amazon Seller.  


Amazon Merchants can also access this feature.    

  • Go to your ZonTools Menu bar on the left, and click Account Overview.
  • From the dropdown, click Ads.
  • From the Ads dropdown, click Sponsored Product.

You are brought to the default Ads dashboard.
On it is the Campaigns section found at the top. It shows all your campaigns as an Amazon Seller with the Sponsored Product category.

  1. The first section of Campaigns shows specific campaigns and its performance metrics in graphs. The graphs show your: Ad Spend,  Impressions, Clicks, Ad Sales. You can do a search and filter data along the lines of these metrics.
  2. The second section of Campaigns is meant for managing several variables so you can better control your bids towards optimization and automation.

For more information on how to better explore this section, check out

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Option 2
Explore and access information on your bids via PGN or Campaigns

On the second Campaigns section, on the top right corner, you find two buttons:

  • Option 1 - Click Campaign
    The Campaign section of your specific Amazon account appears.
  • Option 2 - Click PGN
  • You can see the five types of campaigns that are automatically created for each PGN.
  1. A  is for automatic campaign
  2. E is for exact campaign
  3. P is for phrase campaign
  4. B is for broad campaign
  5. T is for product attribute target campaign

You can further explore more campaign information and metrics by clicking various variables in the  Campaign information table.

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