Viewing Automation records

For your ease of tracking, we placed all the activities of all the automation engines in one central spot.

The Automation Log Panel is a one-stop center where a record of all the automations, recently completed and ongoing, are found. On the the header bar, by clicking the box icon (between the plus icon and bulb icon) the automation log panel appears. This gives you a convenient way to keep a track record of their performance.  

The automation engines are your quiet helpers that implement the automation of your PPC campaigns. Below is a table showing all the automation engines.

ZonTools ver2.0 automation engines:

  1. Auto-Mate 3.0
  2. Keyword Miner
  3. Term-Inator
  4. Target Miner
  5. ASIN-ator
  6. Bid Gambler
  7. Legacy automation engines are also available to all but they are deployed only upon request.

Legacy automation engines
(still available for those on ZonTools ver1.0):

  1. Keyword Guardian
  2. Keyword Recycler
  3. Bid Nailer

The Automation Log Panel refreshes the automation log to the latest update.
Sample updates include:  

  • Your bids have been decreased from 1.00 to 0.02
  • Keyword has been negated to which campaign

Video Link: Using Automation Log Panel

The panel serves as a notification record of automations where users get an idea of the changes done. The topmost notification are the most recent ones. Users get a better handle of background processes, of what's happening to their keyword and target ASINs.

  • Latest and recent means changes in the last 60 days.
  • These automation engines work 24/7 towards to meet your campaign goals.

In the video, we used campaigns from Sponsored Product but you can do the same set of steps for Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display.

Two ways to pull up recent automations:

Option 1. Using the Automation Log Panel shortcut

From login, please follow the breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product

  1. On your Sponsored Products page, go to the Campaign tab, you will see all your ongoing campaigns.
  2. On the Campaign section, from the right corner of the top bar, click the gears icon.
    A list of the Latest Automation Logs opens on your right side.  

This route is more of a shortcut. You can immediately access the records but the lay-out is a listing, which means you do not see the context of each automation activity.

Option 2. Using History Logs

From login, please follow the breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product  >  History Logs

On the left panel, click History Logs, and from the list choose the automation you prefer. For this example, we choose Keyword Automation Logs.
A table shows you the record of keywords and all bidding adjustments by the system

And the system make these bid adjustments every 3 hours.

Step 1.
Choose which type of automation to review  

Step 2.
Accessing the specific automation record