What is Bid Gambler?

Bid Gambler is the automation engine designed to focus on raising your bids in the course of chasing after clicks so that you get the first click.  

  • Bid Gambler periodically searches for keywords and targets that have not yet received a click.
  • Bid Gambler increases the bid in order to achieve the first click.

Despite the name “gambler”,  it doesn’t mean you need to take any risk.  Since Bid Gambler works only on keywords that have not yet received any clicks, you don’t pay anything until you get a click.

Reasons why you’re not getting a click:

  • The ad is not seen/shown in the right location.  
  • Your bid is not enough to show the ad in the right location.

To resolve this, Bid Gambler periodically will increase the bid until a click is recorded.

4 Conditions for Bid Gambler to start working:

  1. You are running an ad campaign on Amazon.
  2. You created a set of PGNs or campaigns on ZonTools.
  3. The default bid on keywords has not generated any clicks.
  4. The keyword you have chosen is the keyword that is relevant to your product which you expect your customers/shoppers to click on.

How does Bid Gambler work?

  1. BG works on all targets and keywords once every 7 days on 2 main triggers:
    a. Clicks
  2. b. Bids
  3. 7 days after the latest bid change (whether manual or automated), BG looks at the performance of your keyword’s last 6-month clicks.
  4. If the number of Clicks is ZERO, then there is a need to change the bid:
    Old Bid + Change Rate
  5. BG deactivates itself after achieving the first click.
  6. and is never run again for that Keyword or Target.
  7. The bid range that BG is limited by  the given “Max Bid".
  8. BG does not work on Test ad groups (Legacy Automation).