Where can I find the Tutorials on v2.0?

We made several articles in Help Center to function as our tutorials for ver2.0.

We are in the middle of revising our website, and our temporary location for the tutorials on v2.0 yet is found here. Also, our Help Center has several articles that function as our tutorials for v2.0.

These Help Center articles showcase v2.0's user interface changes:

Articles that discuss how to use the other new features of ver2.0:

  1. Merch by Amazon (MBA)
  2. Amazon Merchants: Register with ZonTools
  3. Amazon Merchants: Adding an MBA Manager account
  4. Register on ZonTools with same email for Amazon Seller + MBA account
  5. PGN campaigns for Sponsored Display
  6. Creating your PGN: Sponsored Display
  7. PGN campaigns for Sponsored Brands  
  8. Creating your PGN campaigns: Sponsored Brands Product Collection ads
  9. Creating your PGN campaigns: Sponsored Brands Video ads
  10. Verifying your Sponsored Brands video ad status
  11. Sponsored Brands: Top reasons why Amazon rejects your video ads
  12. Creating your PGN: Sponsored Brands
  13. Rules Template
  14. Duplicate Rules (or create a Rules Template) using Rule Template
  15. Edit your Rules on Rules Template
  16. Edit Timeframes for all your Rules using Rule Template
  17. Using your Rules Templates in 2 ways
  18. Manage your Rules Templates

You can also find tutorial videos on our Youtube channel.

Overall, the concepts and how the system works have not changed and are the same as v1.0.  Be that as it may, we encourage all users to refresh their knowledge of the system:

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