Zt Algorithmic engines

Auto-mate log update : Will help increase or decrease your keyword and target bids to reach your ACoS goals

- Keyword Miner: This engine will scan your report and add any relevant converting Customer Keyword Search Term back into the system. This will help grow your campaign

- Target Miner: This engine scans your reports and add any relevant converting ASIN back into your ASIN Ad Group

- Bid Gambler: When your keywords/target bid is too low this automation will do it's work and increase your bid up until your ad gets more impressions and clicks

- Term-Inator: This engine will scan your reports and negate any bleeding term where needed, improving your Auto, Broad and Phrase campaigns matching capabilities

- ASIN -Ator: This automation will scan and negate any ASIN that isn't giving any benefits towards your AURO and Product Targeting Campaign

- Keyword Recycler: This engine will lookout for any low performing keyword and calculate new updated optimal bid based on ZonTools algorithm

- Keyword Guardian : This engine on the automation log panel will show you are not overspending on any Exact keyword, pausing them when they reach a certain spend threshold with no sales. It will also drop bid to your in bid for low performing keyword as well as restoring last bid to recover well performing ones