Zt Rule: Relevancy Sales

How to get your Relevancy Sales

What is Relevancy Sales?

Relevancy Sales is the required number of sales in the past 60 days that determines if a customer search term is relevant to your product. Relevancy Sales is the trigger that tells Keyword Miner to start mining your new customer search terms.

  • What ZonTools recommends that Relevancy Sales is set as 2 in all the accounts and all the campaigns.
  • Most users use 2 as their Relevancy Sales.

Relevancy Sales



Keyword Miner is disabled.
The chosen search term is useless.


Having one product sold in 60 days can mean this is a lucky sale.


This is the default value for Relevancy Sales because with two product sales, you can rule out that this search term can really generate sales. Choosing this search term is a good idea because it is working.

3 to 5

Not impossible.
You are allowed to use values greater than 2 as you know best your business. Only you can decide whether it is feasible to calculate that sales is more than 2 in 60 days.

How do I know what is the relevancy of my customer's search terms for my product?

To understand how relevant a custom search term for a product is, you need to know how many sales the search term generated in a period of time.

  • You need to know: How many sales are needed in order for the customer search terms to be deemed relevant to be mined by the Keyword Miner?
  • After series of experimentation and monitoring, ZonTools found the last 60 days  as the significant window or period of time.