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June 1, 2023
David McDaniel
David McDaniel
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Smart Seller Notifications: The Key Tool That Might Save Your Amazon Business

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Selling on Amazon means competing on the world’s largest retail marketplace — against some of the most capable, creative entrepreneurs out there.

As one of those capable, creative entrepreneurs, how can you gain a competitive edge? What can you do to differentiate yourself and get a leg up?

Information drives decisions. All sellers rely on actionable insight, but not all have figured out the best ways to gather and manage it.

That’s where timely and accurate seller notifications can make all the difference. With the right notifications in place, you can access the insights you need to get — and stay — on top.

5 Top Management Objectives for Amazon Sellers

The most successful Amazon sellers have five goals and objectives in common when managing their businesses:

  1. Staying competitive in advertising.
  2. Knowing which areas need attention when sales drop.
  3. Being aware of stock levels and planning in real time.
  4. Being aware of profits and margins.
  5. Monitoring reviews and responding quickly.

Each of these can keep an entrepreneur awake at night.

One of the biggest challenges sellers face when navigating these objectives is filtering through the noise to see and act on the things most vital to the health of their Amazon enterprise. 

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For sellers managing a large number of products, this challenge can quickly become even more difficult to overcome. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re trying to keep your finger on the pulse of dozens or even hundreds of products.

Tools can help. 

But if the notification systems that are supposed to help you stay organized end up becoming part of the noise, you’re back at square one.

What Are Smart Seller Notifications?

Eternal vigilance, as someone once said, is the price of freedom.

But as human beings — even capable, creative ones — being “on” 24/7 is both unrealistic and exhausting. 

What sellers need is a smart, economical way to keep tabs on the most important metrics of their business. Something that delivered the awareness they need, on their terms.

Smart seller notifications do things other, more robotic, notifications can’t, such as:

  • Allow you to select and configure the exact notifications, thresholds, and triggers you want.
  • Tell you what factors contributed to a given metric change.
  • Point you to the related metrics to help you evaluate all factors.
  • Give you useful ideas for reverting the trend.

Similar to a virtual assistant, a smart seller notification not only keeps you informed when vital thresholds are crossed, but also guides you toward the areas you need to address to revert the statistic.

That’s a whole new take.

It’s an incredibly helpful system for sellers — and not just for downtrending statistics. Equally important is knowing when something takes a jump. What actions should you take to understand why the statistic increased and ensure it keeps rising?

Filtering the Ecommerce Noise With Smart Seller Notifications

In a fast-paced, rapidly evolving ecommerce landscape, it’s vital for entrepreneurs to know where to place their time and attention.

Using “smart” notifications for your Amazon business is one way to engineer that focus. By pre-identifying the things you need to know to run your business effectively, you can customize your smart seller notifications, then let them do the heavy lifting for you. Doing so frees your attention for higher-level decisions and future planning.

The smart seller notification system then monitors your selected metrics for changes — both up and down — and lets you know when you need to take action.

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Amazon sellers know they’re playing a big game on a nearly unlimited playing field. 

The sky’s the limit.

To get there you need a sense of how things are running at all levels of your business. A quality notifications system keeps you in the know, so your business can take flight and you can enjoy the view.

Smart Notifications for Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller, you need to be aware of key areas of your business, such as advertising, key performance indicators, and sales.

But it’s also important to consider the nuances of each of these areas.

Things like:

  • High-spend alerts
  • Impressions drops
  • Sessions changes
  • Conversions drops
  • Profit dips
  • Average review ratings
  • Units ordered alerts
  • Revenue and profits

Then there’s important Amazon notices, including listing suppressions, category or price changes, lost Buy Box, review alerts, negative seller feedback, and more.

Even better? Getting each of those notifications alongside full insight into the cause of the change and how to get it moving in an uptrending direction.

Most notification systems simply tell you something crossed a threshold, then leave it up to you to figure out how to address it.

But ManageByStats’ smart notifications can give you the data, alerts, insights, and information you need to make the right decisions that will boost your business.

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