Advice and answers from the PPC Entourage Team

Entourage 2.0 was built not only for individual sellers, but with agencies in mind as well.

Entourage 2.0 can streamline agency practices, increasing efficiency, cutting costs, and improving results. That means your clients make more money on Amazon, and your agency makes more money, too.

Trouble With Signing Up As An Agency?

Some agencies might run into the following error when attempting to sign up for Entourage 2.0 (or other software tools):

Agency Error

If this happens, it means the account you're using to sign up does not have the necessary User Permissions in place to grant us access to your data via API.

To fix this, have an administrator of the account log into Seller Central, go to User Permissions, and then grant Admin Access wherever possible. It should look like this: