Advice and answers from the PPC Entourage Team

Match types allow Amazon sellers to fine-tune which shopper search terms their ads may be eligible to be shown against. Sellers can choose from broad, phrase, and exact match types.

Broad match keywords will give the most traffic exposure, while phrase and exact match will restrict traffic to a more precise target audience.

  • Broad Match – This match type offers PPC ads broad traffic exposure. A shopper’s search term will match if it contains any the keyword terms or their synonyms.
  • Phrase Match – The shopper’s search term must contain the exact phrase or sequence of words. It is more restrictive than broad match and will generally result in more relevant placements for your PPC ad.
  • Exact Match – The shopper’s search term must exactly match the keyword in order for the ad to show, and will also match close variations of the exact term. Exact match is the most restrictive match type, but can be more relevant to a customer’s search.

There’s another match type that gives Amazon sellers that last little bit of control over which search terms trigger keywords in a sponsored products campaign.

It’s called a Negative Keyword and it can be used in either exact or phrase match types. Adding negative keywords tells Amazon that you do not want to connect to those search terms even if they match one of your keywords.