Advice and answers from the PPC Entourage Team

Adjust Bids By Placement, which has taken the place of Bid+, allows you to analyze your performance based on the placement of your ads, and adjust your bidding strategy accordingly.

You may now enter a percentage that you allow Amazon raise your bid by (on top of your base bid). This can be done for two placement areas: Top of Search and Product Pages. Increases by your specified percentage will only be applied when your ad is competing for those areas – everything else will use your base bid.

You’ll find the ability to adjust these areas by clicking on a campaign and then going to either Placements or Campaign Settings.


Different ad types may appear in different locations across Amazon.

Top of Search: Product ad appears in the top row of the search results page.

Product Pages: Product ad appears on another product's listing.

Other Amazon Locations: Any other location on Amazon (ex: ad appears mixed into search results below top row or on subsequent pages).



Note: When Top of Search On Amazon and Other Amazon Locations are the only two metrics shown, Other Amazon Locations typically includes Product Pages. Product Pages is only removed from Other Amazon Locations when it has its own visible category.