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Every Amazon seller has a unique story. Now, we want to give you the opportunity to share yours with our team of Amazon and ecommerce experts, and learn from some of the industry’s best how you can take your business to the next level.

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Why Share Your Story?

Free Exposure

Expand your business and reach a wider audience with the help of our ecommerce experts at Carbon6.

Expert Insights

Gain insider knowledge tailored to your business from high-level industry professionals with proven track records.

Brand Authority

Improve your reputation and authority in the field by aligning your personal brand with the best network in the industry.
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Meet the Experts

You’ll be talking to a seasoned ecommerce expert who’s been there, faced the challenges,
and come out on top. Now, they're here to listen and give insights based on your unique experience.
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Tim Jordan

Chief Strategy Officer
Tim has built, exited, and operated multiple ecommerce brands. He specializes in Ecommerce Brand Development, seller marketplaces, and global sourcing, and is dedicated to helping sellers succeed.
Carbon6 Vanessa Hung

Vanessa Hung

Community Ambassador
Vanessa is a high-level event speaker and an expert in Amazon catalog management and account health and compliance. She helps sellers bulletproof their listings and conquer the Hispanic marketplace in the US – without leaving Amazon.
Clayton Atchison img

Clayton Atchison

Director of Business Development
Clayton is an Amazon seller with ten years of experience. He has sold over 25M online. He’s a highly-rated international expert speaker and an expert in product ranking, conversion optimization, and off-Amazon advertising.
Nater Youngchild img

Nater Youngchild

Co-Founder & CEO
D8aDriven by Carbon6
Nater is a serial entrepreneur, world adventurer, and CEO/Co-Founder of D8aDriven. He’s an expert in Amazon Seller Central, Vendor Central, hybrid selling, and business management structure.
Chelsea Cohen img

Chelsea Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO
SoStocked by Carbon6
Chelsea is an Amazon inventory and supply chain expert featured on dozens of podcasts and events. She’s personally helped hundreds of 6-, 7-, and
8-figure sellers with inventory management, cashflow, and profit optimization.
Mike Zagare img

Mike Zagare

PPC Entourage by Carbon6
Mike is a former physical therapist turned Amazon ad expert and the creator of the world's first Amazon PPC automation tool, PPC Entourage. He authored the “Amazon Ads Playbook” that simplifies successful advertising on Amazon.

Your Story Deserves the Spotlight

Share your story and join a network of sellers shaping the future of ecommerce.
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