Editing and adding Credentials

Account Information

Navigate to Credentials in your SellerTools account to edit and/or add Credentials.

Once there you'll be able to view Credentials you've already synced to your account.

In this view you can see your usage both at the Credential level and across your entire account.You have a few options when managing or updating your Credentials.

From left to right, this includes the ability to Refresh Credentials, Edit Credentials, Delete Credentials or Access Subaccounts.We will focus on Edit Credentials for next steps.

You can now make the necessary updates to your Credentials including re-naming, viewing API keys and re-syncing via Selling Partner API.

In addition to editing existing Credentials you can also 'Add Credentials' in your account.Click the button on top of the page.

Add in all required details to sync the new Credentials.

Refer back to the Credentials page anytime to monitor your account usage, Credentials access and more.

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