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Easily extract keywords to isolate winning keywords and organize new keyword opportunities.Specifically, Keyword Extractor allows you to take advantage of an advanced PPC concept of 'search term isolation'.As the name implies, this allows you to find converting keywords and isolate them into single keyword campaigns. While this may require more maintenance at scale (ex: isolating a large number of single keyword campaigns) this also allows you to drive better performance for exact match while harvesting new keywords (through broad and phrase).A breakdown of the search term isolation campaign configuration is shown below:

We will cover this step a bit later in this article.As part of the default view in Keyword Extractor you'll see 'Suggested Keywords'.

As a default setting, the keyword conversion limit will be set to 2. You can adjust these settings to determine how many conversions make a keyword eligible for Keyword Extractor.

As with other features in PPCs, be sure to filter the results as needed as well as sort for each column (ex: ACoS).

One additional filter you can apply is showing only NEW opportunity keywords. By selecting this you're able to view keywords that are not targeted as exact match types on your entire account that also meet the previously mentioned keyword conversion limit settings.

Once you've filtered and/or sorted the view within Keyword Extractor you have a few options.You can:

  • Set Targets
  • Create Campaigns
  • Snooze Keyword Suggestion 1 Week
  • Ignore Suggestion

When we Set Targets, we are able to add converting keywords to existing ad groups - Broad, Phrase and Exact.

Note, when you add your converting keyword the search term isolation strategy of negative matching will be completed automatically.For example, if you add the keyword to a broad group the same keyword will then be added as a negative phrase so they don't compete with phrase / exact match ad groups.You are also able to determine the negative match rule within the source group. When ACoS is over target ACoS is the default setting that you can update as needed.Set Targets is a great feature if you keep your campaigns and ad groups organized to easily add in keywords to the best existing ad group.However, you may want to Create Campaigns when an group doesn't exist.Click Create Campaign to begin the campaign creation process in PPCs for the keyword selected.

The Create Campaign process will give you the ability to customize each step and variable in your preferred campaign structure.As a reminder, the settings are already configured for search term isolation when we Create Campaigns.

Lastly, we can snooze keyword suggestions and ignore them as needed.

As a final recommendation, we encourage you to set keyword conversion limits lower when initially working with Keyword Extractor. It's ideal to take more time to review keyword opportunities than to set too high of a conversion limit and miss out on potential keywords. Especially as Keyword Extractor makes search term isolation easier to implement and the PPCs suite of tools easier to manage and optimize.

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