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With our Keyword Insight tools, you can analyze any keyword, on any marketplace with a single click.

1. Install the Chrome Extension

As a pre-requisite, you need to install the SellerTools Chrome Extension (from the Chrome Web Store) and sign in with your SellerTools account. Make sure that the Keyword Insights feature is enabled in the extension popup, under the widget options.

2. Basic Keyword Insights

In the example, we are going to use "dog bed", just for demonstration.

On any Amazon marketplace, type in any keyword. You will get the SellerTools widget, with the basic keyword search insights:

  • Daily and Monthly search volumes: how many buyers are searching each day and month for the "dog bed" keyword.
  • Search Frequency Rank (SFR): this number represents how often relative to other keywords, do buyers search for this keyword. The lower number represents a more frequent search.
  • Purchase Rate (conversation rate): the percentage of people who are purchasing on this keyword search. In this example, it is 0.93%
  • Unit Sales: this is an estimation, how many units are sold on the given marketplace. In this example, appr. 3,052 units are sold on the US marketplace each month.
  • Top3 click dominance: this is how many people click among the top3 search results. In this example, 23.23% of buyers click on one of the first three results
  • Top sales dominance: this means how many buyers actually purchase one of the products of the top three. In this example, it is 21.72%

3. Advanced Keyword Insights

Click on "More Keyword Insights" in the SellerTools widget, after any keyword search. As before, we are using the keyword "dog bed" for demonstration.

In this widget, you can see more in-depth information of each given keyword, broken down for the Top3 ASIN, and unit sales for the last day, last week, and last month.

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