Listing Manager

Listing Manager

When you get to your Listing Manager step of the wizard (step 4), it won’t have product information in it. For the very first time, you will need to copy and paste your listing details from Seller Central into Listing Manager.Once you do that you will see on the left side all the keywords you didn’t use in your listing yet.

The list on the left contains words and phrases proposed for creating the listing (high, medium, low, and very low priority – all differently colored).Every keyword listed on the left side you use in your Listing Manager will disappear from that list. This way you can efficiently create a listing with confidence.

Pay attention to the number of characters/bytes used for each listing section.If your product features variations, you will see listings for parents and children separately. This way you can create listings with different keywords when necessary e.g. red and blue bedsheets. Parent/child products have a different icon under the image so you can recognize them easily.

Once you are happy with the listing, you can either save it as a draft or you can publish it directly to Amazon using the button at the bottom of the page.

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