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Make sure you are logged into your Chrome Extension for SellerTools. If you have a paid plan you will have the Pro version. Then simply go to any listing on Amazon.com. You will see the LQS under the title and there is the option to expand to open all the data/details.l

Click on LQS to expand. Hover over any section for expanded details on data.LQS Listing Quality Score: Listing Quality Score is a calculation based upon the effectiveness of your Amazon detail product page. There are currently 33+ different elements that help to determine how optimized a product detail page is. A higher optimization or Listing Quality Score (LQS) the greater sales potential for that product detail page.LQS takes into account 5 sub-sections in order to help you identify issues within your product's detailed page. This includes Keyword Quality Score, Media Quality Score, and Conversion Quality Score.Note: 1000/1000 is the best score possible, it's ok if your product detail page is not perfect.

Keyword Quality Score: Click on Keyword Quality Score to expand data.Keyword Quality Score analyzes the potential of all keywords on your Amazon product detail page. It’s recommended that you use as many characters that Amazon allows you within your products title, bullet points & description fields and use the extensions action menu to check your indexation as often as you wish in order to get your detail page indexed for as many keywords as possible.

Hover over on any section to expand information on data. This can be done for all sections.

Media Quality Score: Media Quality Score analyzes the potential of all media on your product detail page. It’s recommended you consider perfecting all media on your product detail page based on guidance from Amazon (ex: Style Guidelines). The Media Quality Score factors in this guidance and best practices to let you know how your product detail page is performing when it comes to media that’s included.

EBC or A Content: Adding A+ content to your EBC or A+ Content Header: EBC or A+ content was originally only for 1P Vendors and eventually made its way to 3P Brand Registered Seller, this newest edition of the description lets you use various modules to make your detail page more complete.Recommendation: Adding various modules and content can dramatically increase conversion rates which in turn help rank higher organically in the search results.Note: Since you have complete control over what modules and images are shown in this section, ensure you spend enough time crafting your brand message and selecting images that reflect that message. Detail pages can help result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

Conversion Quality Score: Analyzing detail page conversion factors that can influence a customer's purchasing decision. When customers convert into a sale, this helps Amazon understand what your product truly is based upon the keyword that was used when purchased. Traffic + Conversions = Search Rank.

Automation and Reporting: This will make your life easier by automating all of the tasks that LQS Pro has to offer. You can choose to run one ASIN at a time or select ASINs that you wish to check.Recommendation: We suggest you run an LQS Pro report at least once a month, you can compare scores from earlier reports to see how your product has changed over time.Note: Please remember to leave your browser open while the process is running, do not try to use multiple tabs to process multiple LQS processes at the same time, Amazon will temporarily block your IP address.

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