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Quick Negative Matcher allows you to easily negative match search terms based on rules you've set.This is where you can 'cut losers' and/or manage search terms to dial in your Amazon PPC efforts in 1 simple to understand dashboard.netatige

As with other features in PPCs it's important to update the settings for search terms that you will review. By dialing in these settings you can create clear rules to both effectively and efficiently make updates to your PPC performance.

Let's take a look at settings options.

In short, each setting option defines what you consider acceptable before considering negative matching a search term. In this sense you want to factor in your budget and goals (and even the specific search term) before updating your settings.We would recommend setting more 'aggressive' settings to review more data. This will ensure you keep a closer eye on possible adjustments and optimization potential.With your settings configured, you can now use Quick Negative Matcher to review results.Use filters to view different date ranges, campaigns, performance metrics and must more. You can also filter results by 'Filter Auto Only' and 'Filter ASIN Only'. Finally, you can also use the sort feature for each column to update results.We can take action with the results we are view.For each row and search term we can do the following:

  • Negative Exact Match
  • Snooze Keyword Suggestion (1 week)
  • Ignore This Suggestion
  • Negative Phrase Match

You can also select multiple search terms to bulk update by selecting each row. You'll now see the ability to Bulk Apply buttons to make adjustments as needed.

You can also select all on page by clicking the button on the top left.

Important note that the number results you're viewing on a page will impact rows selected total number. For example, if you update your view to include 500 rows all 500 can/will be updated when you bulk apply changes.

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