R2A - Real Reverse ASIN Lookup

Keyword Research

With our R2A tool, you can run a reverse ASIN research and find keyword opportunities and actionable insights.1.Select the products for your research:By keywords:Find new products entering keyword or keyword phrase relevant to products you’d like to add as part of your R2A lookup and select the products you want to run the search for.

By ASIN:Just add your competitors ASIN`s as below:

2. Start the ResearchOnce you have found the ASIN`s you want to do the research for, you will find the data as below with the number of keywords found and the category they were found in, and if you click on them you can filter the keywords we will show you below. You can also add your ASIN to compare the numbers before looking at the data.

You can also filter the data as per your preferences:

3. Understanding the dataIn the R2A tool, you can find valuable information about the keywords you have researched and export the data.

For each of your keywords, you'll find unique data.Hover over each column (ex: AMZ Report Card Keywords) to get additional information.

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