Task List allows you to create PPC tasks.These tasks allow you to use powerful features such as dayparting to customize product groups and/or campaigns configuration - including run time,If you haven't created a task before, you'll want to first select 'create new task'.

You'll then select the target for your tasks. This can include:

  • Product Group
  • Campaign
  • Account

Note, Account level option will allow you to first filter by campaign type and then allow you to also select multiple campaigns for your tasks.

One the targets are selected you can now configure your tasks.In the default view you'll see the option to pause/enable spend in a weekly view.

For each time and day of the week you can effectively pause the target (ex: campaigns) from the previous step.

This could be ideal for when historical PPC performance for specific days/times is not optimal and further testing can be acheived by using tasks (and dayparting).You can also select 'Bid/Budget' to customize your tasks based on strategy.

This can include Top of Search increases, bid changes, campaign budget adjustments and more.Additionally, you can move from 'Weekly' task view to 'One Time'. This will set a specific start and end date/time.

As you're likely seeing you can use a task configuration that works alongside a one-time promotion, seasonal offer, etc. Ultimately it gives you more control of PPC optimizations that are time bound OR customized based on sound strategy and the tactics it requires.When you've updated your task settings you can then select 'Create Task' to add the task to your scheduled list.All tasks will be viewed and managed here.

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