With the SellerTools wallet you can easily add and use funds in one place. You'll be able to monitor and manage activity that flows in and out of your wallet.First, access the Wallet through the navigation from Wallet > Transactions. Or by clicking here.

We will focus on Transactions first and then move on to accessing the Blacklist (or Deny List).Before moving forward we encourage you to take a moment to review FAQs, Policies and Exchange Rate information in the Wallet navigation. You can also review the Pricing details (here) to understand the fees associated with your account level and access for the Wallet.

In your Wallet you'll see the option to 'Add Funds'. This is a first step to be able to manually 'Send Funds' from the Wallet and/or use the SellerTools API to automatically send funds.

Once funds are added to your Wallet you can manually 'Send Funds' within the Wallet.Simply pick the Gift Type and amount along with recipient details.

A popular way of automatically sending funds from the Wallet includes the SellerTools ManyChat integration.Note: We recommend adding the SellerTools ManyChat app, found here, to easily set up automation of sending funds via ManyChat.The Wallet will allow you to conveniently monitor transaction activities that include Wallet top-ups, sending of funds and any other changes to your Wallet balance.

With the 'Auto Top-up' feature you're able to automatically top-up your wallet based on the rules you set.

This is a convenient feature anytime you've integrated the Wallet with another solution. We highly recommend you keep a close eye when you first turn this on to make sure it's configured exactly as intended and any lose of funds is avoided.You can easily see if 'Auto Top-up' is on or off in the navigation.

To customize and/or manage the view of transactions use the filters and search options within the Wallet. You can also 'Export' Wallet data to customize it further and/or add to additional resources as needed.

An additional feature of the Wallet is our Blacklist (or Deny List). For more information on this feature click here.

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