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August 5, 2022
Carbon6 Team
Carbon6 Team

PrettyMerch Reaches New Milestone with Carbon6 Partnership

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Over the past 4 years, PrettyMerch has grown into the premiere tool for Merch by Amazon sellers (now called Amazon Merch on Demand). This Chrome extension offers an upgraded dashboard with a wealth of analytics data and convenient features to help you manage your product catalog.

By joining the Carbon6 collective, PrettyMerch users gain access to an expansive hub of education and tools that they can use to further grow their businesses. Beyond that, PrettyMerch itself gains the resources to rapidly develop new tools and features for its platform.

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PrettyMerch is now part of the Carbon6 product suite
"This customer-centric approach and dedication to helping Merch by Amazon Sellers expand and grow their business aligns perfectly with my own vision for PrettyMerch and makes this partnership a no-brainer.”

- Haris Petrasitis, Founder of PrettyMerch

PrettyMerch Continues to Offer More

Since its inception, PrettyMerch has been a one-man-show, with founder Haris Petrasitis serving as business manager, community relations officer, and most importantly, developer. Now, PrettyMerch has a full development team to create, test, and implement new tools and features. The team has already released two transformational upgrades.

Trend Finder - Research Tool

With the release of Trend Finder, Merch sellers can discover new and upcoming trends before they go mainstream. Users can search for items currently selling well, items with recent spikes in sales numbers, depending on whether they want to know the current trend, or the next big thing. They can also find products with the lowest BSR and they can search for the newest product designs, all of which give a wide perspective on what people are interested in.

Trademark Search

Trademark infringement violations are the bane of every Merch seller. That’s why the PrettyMerch team have created the Trademark Search tool. Users can put in any word, phrase, or combinations and search every trademark office in the world for every product class. The database updates continuously, so sellers always have the latest details to keep them safe.

What’s Next?

The next great series of upgrades are nearing completion, which will bring sellers to the top 1% of the industry. The full Carbon6 suite offers synergistic products that empower private label, wholesale, and merch sellers.

Check out PrettyMerch’s current feature list to see all the ways that you can get an edge on the competition and master the Merch realm.

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